Freedom Ministry

Many people live lives of quiet desperation, dominated by fears, hurts, failures, broken relationships, addictions, and hopelessness. Freedom Ministry would like to help by making available an opportunity to seek God's healing for spiritual & emotional wounds and other life dominating issues. How Does it Work? Our focus will be on connecting you with the Lord in such a way that Biblical truths cease to be mere intellectual concepts and become life transforming principles. Normally, a team of two persons will minister, one leading the session and the other serving as a prayer intercessor. How Do I Get Started? Contact us at (479) 855-1119. Leave your first name and phone number in the voice mail box - do not leave your information with the church Receptionist. Someone from the ministry will contact you to arrange for a time to meet. Sessions take place at the church in a room set apart for this ministry. Confidentiality concerning names and issues will be carefully observed. How Much Does it Cost? There are no charges for services rendered. However, should you desire to show appreciation, you may make a contribution to the church in an envelope with Freedom Ministry written on the envelope.

Mission Statement

Our mission, in the Freedom Ministry is to make available to church members and others in the community an opportunity to seek God's healing for emotional and spiritual wounds through prayer and Christian ministry

Ministry Training Opportunity

If you are interested in being a part of the Freedom Prayer Ministry, or if you would like to learn more about this ministry please contact the church office (479- 855-1119).

Lead By: Wanda Rodenski

Wanda is currently the head of our Freedom Ministry. You can call the Freedom Ministry at 479.855.1119 and even if no one is there to take the call, your message will be returned. Thank you!