July 15-29, 2018
Application Due: January 1, 2018
Led By: John and Patty Madden
Cost: $2300
Working with a segment of JAARS, a ministry of Wycliffe, we will be traveling to Germany to provide missionary care as we care for and disciple missionary children for a week while the parents are at a regional planning meeting. For a more thorough description, click the button below.


July 27-August 5, 2018
Application Due: January 1, 2018
Led By: Pastor Robert McGee
Cost: $2300
There will be two facets of our trip to Ukraine. Part of our effort will be focused on Children's ministry through a VBS program. The other aspect will be a construction project. Click on the button below for more information on this trip.


July 30-August 4, 2018
Application Due: January 1, 2018
Led By: Pastor Dave Brown (Jr)
Cost: $400
Working with a group called Oasis International, we'll be visiting refugee families recently relocated by the UN. We will bring them a trailer full of goods for their apartments, and share meals, prayer times, and build relationships. We will have an opportunity to be their introduction to America, but also to introduce them to our Jesus.


Acts 1:8 - ABSC One Day Mission Trip
October 2018
Cost: ~$10

We will update when we have more information