We are blessed to introduce Kingdom Stars, Bella Vista Baptist's new children's program.

Kingdom Stars focuses on developing children's unique talents. That is why you will find opportunity for Bible storytelling, skits and drama, choir, and Scripture memorization.

Additionally, 5th & 6th graders now get the exciting opportunity to worship with the IMPACT Student Ministry on Wednesday evenings before splitting off to their own separate small group.

Kingdom Stars is not just a program. It is a ministry built for your family.

Still About the Bible

Scripture memorization is still part of what we do for our children on Wednesday nights at Bella Vista Baptist. But we also have the flexibility to find new and meaningful ways to connect with youngsters who struggle with word-for-word memory.

Visual & Easy to Understand

Parents often find themselves frustrated with schools, churches, and programs that make reading a schedule feel like translating the Rosetta Stone. Gone are those days. Kingdom Stars provides kids, parents, and teachers clean, visually attractive materials.

Built for Energy

Kids don't like to sit still in one place for too long. Neither do most adults. The Kingdom Stars Sunday program in-particular is built to keep young, recently awoken kids moving and energized. Distraction is at a minimum and learning at a maximum.

Working Together for the Ministry

Children often feel intimidated  when they first transition into teen ministries. Words like "awkward," "scared," and "uncomfortable" are used by 7th graders and their parents alike.

Our goal is help eliminate these fears by slowly and intentionally transitioning kids into the IMPACT Student Ministry. 5th & 6th graders join our teens for worship and free recreation.

Our Student Pastor and adult leaders are passionate about helping teenagers love, accept, and minister to our younger 5th & 6th grade friends.